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Lovely to meet you!

My name is Carity, but everyone calls me Carrie.  My name was created based on the Latin Caritas, which roughly translates to mean 'love'. More on this below...


I live with my wonderful husband, our two crazy boys, two cats, one old and gentle, one young and a menace, a cheeky house rabbit, and our youngest's tropical fish, who despite their best efforts, have yet to make much of an impression on me.... When I'm not dabbling in delicious chemistry, my passions include tending to our garden, trips where there is a lot of nature to play around in, and finding food! With me, there is always a snack around the next corner!

Uninspirational facts about me...

  • I have very strange hearing after a series of ear related issues when I was young.  I can still hear bats, I can't filter out noise and sirens hurt!

  • My favourite flowers are peonies.

  • Despite having never actually lived there, Cornwall is home.

  • My favourite thing in life is smelling the flowers before I see them.

  • I cannot resist a slice of cherry bakewell... with a latte of course!

My story begins...

...With a Rosie and Jim, 'Bake With Me' book at Granny's house in Cornwall. Fairy cakes. Lots of fairy cakes. For a little girl who had always believed in fairies, the idea of fairy cakes appealed. These morphed into butterfly cakes, and beyond...I have baked as long as I can remember, always just for family and friends.  When we had our eldest it swiftly changed into larger, more themed birthday cakes, but it wasn't until we moved to this little village that making cakes changed from an occasional indulgence, to an all out obsession whilst baking for my church group. Thanks to my supportive friendship circle, when potential customers started posting on the local Facebook pages that they were looking for a cake maker, I soon got myself registered, received the relevant qualifications, and Carrie's Party Cakes was born in 2014. For the most part, I'd copy designs and ideas from other cake makers.  I'd be sent a photo from a Google search, and I'd make that. In time, my art degree finally came into it's own when more and more customers asked me to design their cakes, and I realised I loved this element of my art. Now, the design is just as important to me as the flavour. The focus of my business had changed.  The name of my business just didn't do what I was doing justice, and I knew it had to change.


  My name isn't actually Carrie, it's Carity. But everyone calls me Carrie, it's easier to spell, pronounce, and now I can get those tacky thinks in gift shops with my name on! Carity is derived from the Latin word Caritas, which roughly translates to 'love'. My new business name draws on my original roots, the truest form of myself, and reflects the love I have for what I do, and the feelings behind many of the celebrations I help people celebrate. Weddings, Christenings, and celebrating the day of birth for a loved one.  They are all because of love.  All steeped in CARITAS.